People wonder what is the difference between these two products. Both seem to be normal and safe and the latter can even increase production and make it easier for manufactures, farmers and others to have a good earning and increase production. The thing is most of us do not know that they had very huge difference.

Now here is a point by point and blow by blow personal analysis between the two...

COMPOSITION. Organic products are composed of the natural genetic composition which each of us have enjoyed for hundred of years. GM products are composed of new organisms derived from the laboratory and maybe composed of unknown added genes.

SAFETY. Organic products which are produced by organic means are almost 99.99% safe for consumption. GM products are said to be safe as well but the foreign additives may cause unforeseen effects to humans.

PRODUCTION AND EFFICIENCY. Organic products and produce are more labor intensive and the yield is lower compared to GM products because it is susceptible to natural elements and other enemies. GM products are made in order to combat its natural enemies and are change to make it more productive.

ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS. Organic products since it is inline with the circle of life and current environmental diversity they post no environmental effects. GM products may pose high level of environmental risks since their introduction will cause disruption on the current circle. It is known that adaptation do occur hence GM will cause adaptation of other species.

On this Face Off GM is just ahead in terms of production and efficiency but post risks in terms of environmental effects, safety and composition.

So my recommendation let us GO ORGANIC!