Pay It Forward, A Movie that Touches the Heart

Posted by David D'Angelo | 6/25/2008 09:47:00 AM | , | 2 comments »

When I first watch this movie I was so touched and felt a high degree of wanting to serve and perhaps that is where it all started... here are three clips from the movie which I hope will inspire all of you.

Movie Trailer

Now let me rate and recommend this move to you my dear readers...

  • STORY: 10 - means the depth of the story and the overall plot.
  • CHARACTERS: 10 - this pertains to the ability of the characters to portray their roles.
  • COHERENCE: 10 - ability of the story to be coherent as the episode progresses.
  • DEPTH: 10 - the effectiveness of the story to relay the full plot and to show the story of each character.
  • MUSIC: 10 - effective use of music in the story.
  • VISUAL EFFECTS: N/A - amount and effectiveness of special effects.
  • POPULARITY: 5 - relative popularity of the story/tv series.
  • RECOMMENDATION: 10 - my recommendation
  • TOTAL RATING: 9.29

  • Pay It Forward is a rare movie which touches your hearts and makes a suggestion of what to do in life and now it is up to you to try the boys formula or not... there is nothing to loose really if you do try it.

    Calling All Angels

    Everything Burns - A Synopsis


    1. Bonz // July 1, 2008 at 10:19 PM

      i personally love this movie, i can't hold myself not to cry in this movie. a 2thumbs up for "Pay It Forward". hope HBO movies would feature this again sometime soon...

    2. Shen // July 1, 2008 at 11:20 PM

      This is really a very heartwarming movie indeed and has a lesson and a learning that could be applied to reality.