Buntal Hats from Baliuag are Simply the Best!

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Buntal hats are one of the best straw hats in the world. It is made of fine fiber which is very elegant to use and had the distinct sign of personality of the wearer. From the year it was first made in Baliuag, Bulacan in 1907 to 1909 by Mrs. Dolores Maniquis the Buntal Hat had undergone changes to improve it and make it world class.

This straw hat is very versatile in design and can be worn on any occasions. The headgear fits both men and women alike. The material is made of the best selected buntal fiber, hand-woven from the crown to the brim and closed with a back weave. The traditional way of weaving has been adapted by Marc and added the touch of current fashion trends. The style is very European in the form of the classic Fedora and Trilby. The hatband comes in solid colors and tropical designs which are pleated and are limited edition of about 25 pieces each. It is made of quality material and the sweatband is made of satin fabric.

On the centennial anniversary of the first buntal hat woven in Baliuag, Bulacan, the fourth generation descendant of Dolores Maniquis came back to Baliuag after some years of absence. Marc De Borja, pickup the torch to bring back the buntal straw hat weaving to its traditional way and added innovative designs and style to compete in the global market. He grew up in the buntal hat environment under the guidance of his aunt Ester E. Villones, his name is Marc R. de Borja, the Chief Executive Officer of Far East Straw Hats Corporation.

The straw hat has been previewed by local celebrities like Lara Quigaman, Miss International 2005 and talented actress, singer, Jennifer Lee. Both of them like the soft touch and comfort of wearing the straw hat.

Giving my personal review of this product here it is...

QUALITY: 10 - quality of the product fitted against standards.

DURABILITY: 8 - ability of the product to withstand environmental conditions and other things. The only main problem with regards to durability is the fact that since the fibers are fine and well tuned it should be well taken care of to avoid deformation.

AFFORDABILITY: 8 - price range of the product. Prices of the hats are affordable for general international and export sales.

DESIGN: 10 - design elegance. Designs are very elegant and will fit various needs and fashion style.

ORIGINALITY: 9 - originality and innovation of the product. Most of the designs about 90% are original and are made by the company.


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