Face Off: Hagibis vs VST and Co.

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Once upon a time the Philippine air waves was dominated by two groups which makes hit after hit. VST and Co. and Hagibis were among the two groups which had made a mark in the heart of the Philippine music industry back in the 1970s and 1980s.

VST & Co. was pioneered and the icon icon of the Manila sound, VST and Company performed disco fever songs such as "Swing it, Baby", "Magsayawan", "Awitin mo, Isasayaw Ko" and "Disco Fever". Hagibis on the other hand is a male sing and dance group famous for male hits like Katawan. The group is similar to the equally classic Village People{ in terms of style in music, muscular appearance and dances.

Here's the face-off and let see who's gonna win...

POPULARITY. Well it seems very obvious that VST and Co. out popularizes Hagibis. While searching for videos on YouTube we only find several videos of Hagibis impersonation but a ton of VST music. Well I give it to VST for their very solid music and style which makes their songs popular up to now.

STYLE and PERFORMANCE. Hagibis had edge on this side. The performance of Hagibis was more choreographed and brings impact to their performance against that of VST and Co.

MUSIC STYLE. Again VST outweight Hagibis in this face-off. The music style of VST is more the same as that of those made of classic music. Their songs had been immortalized in the Philippines. In fairness to Hagbis their top song Katawan may be more popular than most of the songs of VST.

GENERAL SUCCESS. I may say that VST anbd Co. and their members had been very successful in their fields. Despite being disbanded the members of VST had find their own path. Vic Sotto continued singing and beome a box office king same with Joey de Leon. Tito Sotto had been a senator of the Philippines and now heads the Dangerous Drugs Board. Val Sotto had been a good actor as well. VST songs are continued to be played up to this time.

Seems to be a one sided face-off but what can we do.. VST and Co. wins the battle. And now here are some songs which we managed to full out.

VST and Co.

VST and Co. Mix

HAGIBIS. Well sorry we cannot find any good videos of them.