Heroes TV Series: Can the Lost Glory be Recovered?

Posted by David D'Angelo | 7/04/2008 09:21:00 PM | | 0 comments »

The Heroes TV Series had been one of the biggest hit in television in the United States. It was supposed to be a great show offering a new perspective on heroes and villains but then everything got in the way. The strike of the Writer's Guild of America had cut the original Season 2 into just 11 episodes and made it look like a forced season. Now Heroes is coming once more with Season 3: Villains and the main question is will it regain its lost glory?

We have obtained a trailer video of the upcoming Heroes Season 3 which will begin airing this September 2008.

Season three will open with a two-hour episode, set to air Monday, September 22, 2008. The premiere of the third volume, "Villains", will be preceded by a one-hour clip show of the past two seasons. "Villains" was originally designed to be included within the second season; however, due to the writers' strike, the volume was carried over into season three. The lead-in to "Villains" featured a scene with Sylar, which was shown as the final scene of the "Generations" finale. Throughout Volume Two, Sylar's powers were suppressed by the Shanti virus.[28] After using a cure, procured from Mohinder Suresh, he regained his abilities, delivering the first lines of Volume Three, "Villains": "I'm back." Tim Kring has claimed that the new volume will bring a cadre of villains to the show, hence the title.

As for the reviews of Season 3... well let's wait until the show starts and we will tell you what we think.