KillerPopBlues, A Web Comic To Watch

Posted by David D'Angelo | 8/02/2008 09:21:00 AM | , | 0 comments »

KillerPopBlues is a new web comic created by Zeigan. It revolves around a small group of close friends intertwined in a “i like her but she likes him and he’s a jerk” type of situation. Drama ensues. Zeigan tells us, "Look forward to lots of angst, confusion, and other emotional “rollercoasters” because, well, that’s what being a teen is all about. Isn’t it? I promise it won’t get boring and linear. I’ll even throw in some comedy." Well that is indeed a lot to look up to about. Now let us continue...

Based on the initial drawings Zeigan as I know him for more than 6 years have improved his art skills a lot. I remember that he had also draw arts for the BROOD Manga 2 years ago which we still hope to finish.

To compliment the crew for this webcomic Zeigan has two companions OriginalSkeleton and killer. You can read a complete introduction about them at the About page of the webcomic website.

Judging from the first two pages of the comic seems like a promising story and I know that Zeigan and his crew can pull this off. You have a lot to read and anticipate in how the stories would go.

Well of course a post here will not be complete without ratings. I am again creating a new rating system for webcomics and this is the first just for KillerPopBlues.

  • Originality : 10
  • Creativity : 9
  • Art Quality : 9
  • Plot : 7
  • Web Layout : 9
  • Interest : 10
  • Presentation : 8
  • OVERALL RATING : 8.86/10
Originality simply tells us how original the story is including the characters. Creativity dwells with how creative they are presented towards the story. Art Quality pertains to the how finesse the art works were made.

Plot is a rating given to the overall theme of the webcomic. The fact that the plot given is a little usual so I gave it a 7. Web Layout pertains to the overall webcomic site design... looking forward to the store.

Interest pertains to how interesting the story might be and Presentation refers to how the story is presented through each of the page of the webcomic... well for me it seems to be too short of a presentation per page.

So here is my first rating and review at a webcomic called KillerPopBlues... hope Zeigan read this one.