I was puzzled about how SezWho works actually. I signed up most of my blogs for SezWho but it seems the system does not work as fast as it should be or as efficient as it should be. Posts are not being crawled and even the profile seems to be lagging behind in updating. I would not like to go all negative on SezWho because it has great potential but I think that the system needs further improvement.

This would be my first review on Info Tech here on The Delano Observer and I would like to give a few comments and points about SezWho, a system which has lots of potential.

  • Reliability: 3
  • Usefulness: 8
  • Efficiency: 3
  • Ease of Use: 8
  • Technical Support: 10
  • Speed: 4
  • OVERALL RATING: 6.00/10
Reliability pertains to the system's details indicated in the profile and on other data. It seems that SezWho is very slow in updating and crawling sites which are already members of the community. This affects the reliability, efficiency and speed of the system. That is why those 3 ratings receive the same.

Usefulness involves the relative idea on the use of the system. In SezWho, the commenting system and network of SezWho that they are trying to build is indeed very useful for bloggers and websites. Synchronization is now the key in the internet community and cyber world.

Efficiency refers to how the system works and how efficient it is for users.

Ease of use is the rating as to how easy most users can understand and install the system. SezWho has tutorials and step-by-step guides which makes its installation and use very easy.

Technical Support refers to the response time and friendliness of those handling questions and feedbacks. To this I gave them a perfect 10 because they respond to queries on time and even surf blogs in order to see feedback.

Speed refers to the response time of the system when a query is done. Again SezWho has a problem in this area. As of this moment more than 3 days had elapsed and it seems some posts and comments are not being recorded.

I hope that this review will constructively help improve SezWho. This is a great system and the idea is also commendable. Another problem I have is whenever I am blogging I accidentally type "x" instead of "z" in SezWho.. well that seems to be a problem on my part.