Sometimes blogging gets to the point when your excitement and enthusiasm goes out and you begin asking yourself what's the use of blogging and what am I getting out of this. Blogging certainly requires a lot of effort and dedication. As the saying goes it is easy and free to start a blog... to write the first posts... to blog for three months... but what if you get frustrated because it seems your passion for blogging is taking you no where?

Why do people blog in the first place? Why on Earth would someone spend time on the internet posting things for other people to read? Why do they even care to write? Perhaps these were the questions that everyone should first find answers for before they actually start blogging themselves.

If you look at the three questions they are interralated and can even be sum up as the question on Why Blog? Well, there are many reasons. Some start blogging because they want to start an online diary or an online chronicle of what's happening with their life and share it to the whole world. After all online diaries are the ancestor of the blogging idea. Some people blog because through blogging they have found an avenue or a place to express their thoughts on various issues or topics. Someone who is frustrated with the war on Iraq or someone who hates his boss or someone who is advocating for environmental protection would definitely find a home in writing blogs.

Still others blog because they want to earn online. Their friend or chat mate told them or even most of the time they have come across an article online that everyone can earn online... so drive by the desire to earn money from home he/she start blogging. This is probably those bloggers who could experience burn out earliest for they will soon find out that like regular work money does not come easy. Of course you will be the boss of your time and you can work whenever you like but the thing is you need to invest effort and dedication.

To be honest, I blog because I would like to share my thoughts on various issues and blog like The Good and the Bad News Around Us. In another blog, The Blog Reviewer, I want to help other bloggers. Here in The Delano Observer, I want to express my opinion and earn some money through paid reviews later on. Another blog which I maintains is Ordinary People, Ordinary Day where I want people to express their stories and inspire others. THese reasons keeps me from posting in my blogs although I would admit it sometimes my posts in other blogs are not that frequent. The most demanding and stressful blog I have would probably be, The Blog Reviewer... cause I interact with the community.

Thus in order to avoid the blogging burn out the key is passion. Blog based on what you like, what you love and what's that passion within you. You should have a clear goal and vision of why you are blogging in the first place. If you will not confront this early on... you might end up being frustrated that you even start blogging.


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