My Fox Examines Zennie Optical

Posted by David D'Angelo | 11/11/2008 09:33:00 AM | | 5 comments »

It was commonsense to check out products being offered online specially if they were offering products which are far lower in price compared to existing products elsewhere. The fact that Zenni Optical was on FOX news means that they are a legitimate business and the conclusion was made that they were more of a good deal than a dud.

"Great Eyeglasses for Less," perhaps that was the main motto of Zenni Optical. They have eyeglass which are prices at around $8.00 and the highest would probably just around $30.

Variable Dimension Frames From Zenni are one of its great features considering the fact that we all want to have a frame just for us. How Zenni gets thyat? Well it's actually simple. Since they rely on your optometrist's prescription and measurements then you can be assured that your frame and eyeglasses are definitely for you.


  1. glasses // March 14, 2009 at 12:59 AM

    Below copied and paste here---


    SINGLE VISION: In most instances, a single vision pair of glasses will be delivered in approximately ten days after the placement of the order. If you’re ordering single vision, and you’re on the West Coast of the U.S., the period may be shorter. Most non-domestic single vision orders arrive in approximately ten days of placement of the order, and are shipped directly from our overseas lab via Hong Kong Post.

    MULTI-FOCAL: A multi focal pair of glasses (lined bi-focals or progressives) requires two and a half to three weeks (extra options) for delivery from the date of the order, in most cases.

    ADDITIONAL OPTIONS: If you’ve ordered extra options such as tint, anti-reflective coating or a photochromic lens, this time may be extended by several days. From time to time, procurement of the high index and photochromic lens blanks may be delayed and the orders may take up to approximately three weeks for single vision and 4 weeks for a progressive, at the outside. This happens rarely, but can occur unexpectedly.

    So if you order (2) pair of glasses how long does it take???

    SHIPPING INFO: Orders shipped within the US are done via first class United States Postal Service and take approximately 2-5 days for delivery after leaving our office in California, holidays and weekends considered. There is no expedited shipping available. You are welcome to call the office a day or two prior to the expected receipt date for the tracking number. We tend to under promise and over deliver in many instances, but there are things beyond our control which affect delivery schedules (such as random Customs’/FDA inspections, postal misrouting, lab annual holiday closures, etc. These are not things over which Zenni Optical has any control, nor does Zenni Optical have any way in which to intervene to expedite the delivery under these circumstances.)

    They only use USPS and would be better if they also provided a choice to used UPS for a quicker delivery time. Although it is a cheaper place to get a pair of glasses, is it worth the wait in upwards of 3-what it says 6 weeks?
    Have yet to receive my glasses but will comment when they arrive—If they ever do. It’s been 10days and Desmon told me I “Should” have them buy 3-23-09---We'll see!

  2. Anonymous // April 22, 2009 at 6:28 AM

    Well I'm back and my glasses arrived and were damaged during the shipment. It was not a USPS fault but the fault of the shipper--They cramped my glasses, a Clip on sun glasses and a cleaning cloth in a glass case that would barely fit my glasses.

    My wife's glasses were not level across here face.I can pick up a pair of $2.00 sun glasses or reading glasses that are level.

    I had to ship them both back on or around 3/23/09 and called today and after 20 min. on the phone (majority on hold). Dawn ( very helpful) told me they were shipped back to China and she would email them to see why they have yet to contact me.

    I asked many questions before filling out the information on the form and hope I was given all the correct answers to my questions from Zennie Optical operators.

    My glasses where also 3/4"' wide each side total 1 1/2 " total and got to tell you they do not look the way they should.

    Awaiting an email to see if they are paying for my shipping and insurance cost out of pocket along with when I can expect to receive my glasses. Something tells me they will try to worm their way out of this mess at a cost to me I'm sure---We'll see--Stay tune for when I finally get my glasses.

    Working on Month #3 and still no glasses!!!!

  3. Anonymous // May 5, 2009 at 6:56 AM

    Back again and still nothing from the place that has my glasses in China and nothing as far as a follow-up by Zennie Optical to see if I did get one.

    So I called again and talked this time to Shawn that said he would send another email to China to see what the hold up was--That was done by Dawn in my last post over 2 weeks ago--I then requested to speak to a supervisor that I've spoke to in the past also and he for some reason was not at his desk. But Shawn gave me Candy that agreed that this was "Ridiculous" and will get a note to Rob ASAP so he would call me instead of me waiting on the phone for 30 minutes in line.
    I requested a full refund along with the shipping and insurance that Dawn told me I would get back and Candy said she would only be authorized to give me a 50% refund--Now that's a racquet I told her it was like robbing customers and was not any fault of mine that the glasses were not shipped correctly and I've waited way beyond their "Total" 2 week time period. So now I'm waiting for a call from Rob that I was assured would receive before they close within a 1 1/2 hrs..

    I would highly recommend not purchasing from them ever if I knew what I do now and recommend if you have any sense you too will do the same. Trying to save money is not always the right way to go--Take it from me...

    Stay Tune---

  4. Shen // May 21, 2009 at 10:09 PM

    It is indeed good to have someone who actually experience purchasing from Zennie Optical to have shared with us the story of the ordeal of purchasing from them. I also encourage others to share it as well.

    In my post I have often told my readers to be cautious and to inquire and read carefully all of the posted deals online because sometimes there might be a loophole. I have recommended this based on what I have seen so I highly appreciate people with direct contact and experience to really comment on this post.

    Thanks and it is up to the readers to judge whether Zennie Optical is indeed good or bad.

  5. Anonymous // May 31, 2009 at 12:19 AM

    I'm back and again the glasses arrived today are not what I ordered. Rob a manager with Zennie was very helpful in getting my account straight as was Candy. But I have to say I am not a happy customer at all. The inspection process should have caught my 2 pair of glasses on "both" occasions after i returned them. This would include my original order and the corrected "their mistake" order. The glasses I requested were to have a slight tint and was told by Candy her glasses had a slight tint and she wears hers inside all the time and had no problems reading inside and working at the PC. Well my glasses look like sunglasses and work O K outside but not able to read "Anything", inside at all. My guess is another mistake was made and they tinted the glasses at 80%. I also ordered the clip on and the glasses are much darker.This is why I say they made another mistake--make since?

    This started several months ago and do not recommend ordering from Zennie at all. I think it's great for Zennie to offer you a good savings but really think they should invest more time into their customer relations, inspection's department just to name a few.

    I sent an email that I got from their home page link with my name, number and both order number's explaining I wish to speak with either Rob or Candy (being we are on a first name basis) so they can see this is still a problem.

    More than likely I will end up calling them !

    Stay Tune---