X-Men and the Top 100 Cartoon Series

Posted by David D'Angelo | 11/02/2008 11:56:00 PM | , | 0 comments »

The 80s and the 90s were full of great cartoons and anime. One of my top favorite during that era would be The X-Men animated series wherein I even skipped my college subject during its time slot in order to watch it. X- Men has a fascinating story line which is full of twist and turns. Its range of characters was enormous and the life of the characters intertwined with each other. I even organized a group way back during my high school day called X-Factor which is composed of the cream of the crop of my school.

Besides X-Men I would like to share to everyone an outstanding collection of videos from a user in YouTube. Through this collection he ranked the Top 100 Cartoon Series. Below is his list.

The list lacks Number rank number 81-90 and 31-40. These videos mau had been removed due to the copyright requirements of YouTube. So here it is enjoy!

Top 100 Cartoon Series 100-91

Top 100 Cartoon Series 80-71

Top 100 Cartoon Series 70-61

Top 100 Cartoon Series 60-51

Top 100 Cartoon Series 50-41

Top 100 Cartoon Series 30-21

Top 100 Cartoon Series 20-11

And now here is the top 10 according to the list. I may not agree because I might say X-Men is number one but here it is...

Top 100 Cartoon Series 10-1