Love Hina: Probably The Most Romantic Anime Ever

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Am sure many of us have already watched the cute and very romantic anime, Love Hina. Although violent at some point, this anime brings you the laughts, the tears and the taste of pure romance from a girls point of view. Starting with a simple promise in their youth Keitaro and a girl he yet to identify again to getting into Tokyo University and then to finding common answers to life's problems. This anime has it all and is recommended for all ages.

Love Hina is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Ken Akamatsu. It was originally serialized in Weekly Shōnen Magazine from October 21, 1998 through October 31, 2001 and was published in 14 tankōbon volumes by Kodansha. The series details the daily life of Keitaro Urashima as he attempts to find the girl he made a childhood promise to and enter Tokyo University. The manga is licensed for an English language release in North America and the United Kingdom by Tokyopop and in Singapore by Chuang Yi.

Love Hina Opening Theme

A twenty-four episode anime adaptation of the anime series, produced by Xebec, aired in Japan from April 19, 2000 to September 27, 2000. It was followed by a bonus DVD episode, two television specials, and a three episode original video animation (OVA) entitled Love Hina Again. The anime series, special, and OVA were licensed for release in North America by Bandai Entertainment. In July 2007, the license was acquired by Funimation Entertainment, who will be re-releasing the series and movies using Bandai's original English language dubbing and subtitles.

  • STORY: 10 - means the depth of the story and the overall plot.
  • CHARACTERS: 10 - this pertains to the ability of the characters to portray their roles.
  • COHERENCE: 10 - ability of the story to be coherent as the episode progresses.
  • DEPTH: 8 - the effectiveness of the story to relay the full plot and to show the story of each character.
  • MUSIC: 10 - effective use of music in the story.
  • VISUAL EFFECTS: 7 - amount and effectiveness of special effects.
  • POPULARITY: 10 - relative popularity of the story/tv series.
  • RECOMMENDATION: 10 - my recommendation
  • TOTAL RATING: 9.38

  • Lovehina inscludes characters features the main characters of Keitaro Urashima and Naru Narusegawa. Keitaro may seem to be very unlucky at the hands of Naru but as the story progresses he will soon earn her love.

    Other characters are Mutsumi Otohime, a 21-year-old[10] student who lives in Okinawa and like Keitaro, she has failed the Tokyo University entrance exams on several occasions; Shinobu Maehara, a 12-year old middle school student who is very shy; Motoko Aoyama, a 15-year-old high school girl who is descended from a family of Kendo experts; Kaolla Su, a 13-year-old foreign transfer student, and princess of her home island.; and Mitsune Konno, also known as Kitsune and is a 19-year-old freelancer who speaks with a Kansei dialect.

    Now here is my favorite song from Love Hina featuring Naru Segawa entitled "Egao No Miraihe" , the first one is the anime version and the second one is by Horie Yui, the dubber behind her.

    Naru's Song

    Horie Yui Egao No Miraihe

    Here is also the lyrics of the song above:

    Ashita e mukau jikan ni makenai you ni
    Kaze o kitte kakedasou yo motto
    Kokoro no kui no nokoranai mainichi o okuri nagara
    Ganbatteru kimi ni ageru egao no mirai o ...

    SUMOOKII na jibun no michi okoru okoru aruita
    Mayotte, tsumazuite,
    Doro darake no mune no itami naki nagara haratta ne
    Kuchibiru, kamishimete
    Genjitsu wa kanari kibishii kedo
    Koko made kita atsui yume no inochi tayasanai de

    Ashita e mukau jikan ni makenai you ni
    Kaze o kitte kakedasou yo motto
    Ikutsu mono kizu o seotte sore demo chiisana hane o
    Tabatakasete oozora e to mezasu kimi ga suki

    Koi o shitari, KENKA shitari sawagidasu kanjou wa
    Kokoro no takaramono
    Setsunasa to ka, itoshisa to ka hajimete fureru
    Tomadoi shitte yuku
    Genjitsu wa kanari otona dakedo
    Kinou yori mo atsuku nareru inochi nakusanaide.

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