Farewell David Carradine "Grashopper" of Kung Fu

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David Carradine was found dead in his room at the Swissotel Nai Lert Park Hotel on Wireless Road, near Sukhumvit, in central Bangkok, Thailand. A police official said Carradine was found hanging by a rope in the room's closet. Carradine become famous for his role as Kwai Chang Caine in Kung Fu. Kung Fu is a series the adventures of a Shaolin monk, Kwai Chang Caine (Qián Guānchāng) (portrayed by David Carradine as an adult, Keith Carradine as a teenager and Radames Pera as a young boy) who travels through the American Old West armed only with his skill in martial arts, as he seeks his half-brother, Danny Caine. Among other characters were Keye Luke (as the blind Master Po) and Philip Ahn (as Master Kan). Carradine

Bangkok Post reported that his body was found curled up in the wardrobe with a shoelace tied around his penis and neck[14]. It was speculated that he died from autoerotic asphyxiation or intentionally cutting off oxygen to the brain for sexual arousal.

Carradine's representative and family members told the press that they believed the death to be accidental and not a suicide. He was in Bangkok to shoot his latest movie, Stretch.

David Carradine was both a star of television and of the big screen. He appeared in over 100 movies including Kill Bill Vol. 2, becoming the only actor to star in movies by Martin Scorsese, Ingmar Bergman, and Quentin Tarantino.

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  1. grasshopper // June 9, 2009 at 3:03 PM

    at least Carradine got a lot of living in before he passed on, RIP

  2. Shen // June 10, 2009 at 6:49 PM

    yes and he is the best at what he does... everytime he has a chance.