Is the new PayPerPost More Pro Advertisers?

Posted by David D'Angelo | 6/12/2009 11:30:00 PM | , | 0 comments »

PayPerPost is unveiling version 4.0 Alpha of its program. For this new alpha version there is no longer a need to wait for your blogs approval and there will no longer be a busy dashboard. Impressive? Well hold on to your seats because advertisers would also get the chance to select their bloggers to get on their opportunities. Worst of all on the new version you first have to earn US$50 before you can cash out against version 3.0 cash out per transaction. Who benefits from these changes?

For me there are two beneficiaries on these new changes, first, PayPerPost and second, the advertisers.

Now PayPerPost can get ahold of payment from advertisers longer and these can definitely earn interest on their bank accounts. It also reduces the required work and transfer needed from their system to the PayPal account of bloggers. PayPerPost can enjoy the lucrative network which they have established. A network which the bloggers made and built despite the fact that sites related to them might get slapped by Google.

Advertisers will now control their ads and which blog gets to write for them. Bloggers on the other hand will be cramming to get the attention of advertisers and make it more difficult for them. Advertisers will surely look for higher PR blogs and those with more visitors.

PayPerPost is cashing on their niches but I hope that they will consider us bloggers as well. I hope that the existing system of opportunity matching be maintained or at least let the bloggers cash out per opportunity.

Protect bloggers who work hard to write for these sites in which some are not even worthy of being written within a blog.

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