June 4, 2009 is the 65th Anniversary of D-Day which happened June 6, 1944. D-Day is the turning point in history when the combined forces of Canada, Britain, France, the United States and other allied forces break the strong defense of Nazi Germany. It is a decision and move that cost the lives f about 10,000 allied troops who endured the fire of machine guns and as they say endured hell. In the end the allied forces won and liberated France and those languishing in Hitler's concentration camps.

The D-Day Story, June 6th 1944

It is indeed true that in war there is no one victorious but all are losers in the end. As one of those featured in the HBO Feature Film said...

"...we fought for what is right. I came to realize that there's nothing good about war but there is good in why you fight wars and we were all fighting for the same thing"

It is in fighting for the cause of freedom that made it possible for these brave young men to won a seemingly impossible invasion. Nonetheless, their enemies also believed that what they are doing is also what is right and what is justice for them. In the end only that who can rally the support of the people and truly holds freedom will win. Here is a video featuring John Tams song. This is meant to be a tribute to those who died, and those who survived not only the second world war, but all war's made by WolvesFanNo1 in YouTube.

A salute to the great people of World War II who had made a great sacrifice for the world and for the cause of freedom.

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