I am not an expert website designer but because of more than 6 years of experience in designing and managing Joomla website, I am now ready to take the challenge of OFFERING AFFORDABLE WEBSITES TO ALL. This is my first time to actually make it known to the world and to make it a career. I will be glad to make website designs based on Joomla and also maintain your site for very AFFORDABLE PRICES. Prices starts at Php5,000 or US$120.00. Below are more details...

The standard Joomla CMS website which I offer has the following features:

1. Custom design based on client specification.
2. Non-custom template but can be modified
3. Basic modules an d components which includes poll, shoutbox, form submission, photo gallery, file download, and statistics.

Basic website design takes 2-4 weeks to accomplish.

I can also maintain your website for a basic monthly fee of Php1,000 or US$50. Maintenance includes 2x a month update on the site contents and once a year modification (non-major).

If you want more customization for your site and want to know more on how I can help you just e-mail me at or text/call me at +63-916-545-0452.

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    Your welcome and I am also hoping that I can also get people who would ask me to design their website.

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