Reading Wikipedia in search for some information about Naruto characters I have come across a character which will definitely drive the Naruto series longer. He is Danzo, the Sixth Hokage (ダンゾウ, Danzō). He is a Konoha elder, one of the oldest villagers in Konoha. He is also in charge of the ANBU faction named the Foundation. Later he is appointed as the acting Sixth Hokage after Pain's invasion. Although I am not into reading the Naruto Manga because I was not into reading manga's it seems this is more of a threat to Konoha and to Naruto. The final showdown might perhaps be Naruto and Sasuke going against Danzo. After all he might have a role in the killing of the Uchiha clan which Sasuke wanted to avenge.

Since Danzo seems to be wounded and wrap in bandages he is projecting a sense of weakness but being a great tactician he might be able to use his intelligence to his favor. He might also be sealing the fact of how powerful he can become so that his enemies will not see him as a threat.

He was once considered for the position of Third Hokage, but that title was given to Hiruzen Sarutobi and he instead became an adviser to Hiruzen. Since then he has been using The Foundation, his own personal black ops team, to secretly further him along the path of becoming Hokage.[92] Danzo is a war hawk who believes that all of the former Hokage have placed peace above the village's best interests, a belief that leaves him at odds with Tsunade throughout Part II.

Character Assessment (initial):

Strength: 5/10
Intelligence: 10/10
Abilities: 9/10
Chakra Strength: 5/10
Popularity Factor: 3/10
Total Assessment Rating: 6.4/10

I gave him a strength and chakra strength of 5 because we have to see yet what is his capabilities as a Shinobi. Once that is found out we will update this profile. An ability rating of 9 was given which includes the power he can use as a Hokage and as leader of ANBU and The Foundation.

What will happen next in Naruto?

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