What do you think of having a new avatar on World of Warcraft for therapists who seek to help you with your gaming addiction? Well is that even be possible or would the publishers allow someone to actually curtail these kids from playing? After all the addiction is what made these online games really profitable.

Dr. Richard Graham is spearheading a movement that would let mental health workers to join online game worlds as avatars. The aim of these avatars is to better treat players suffering from game addcition. The avatars will in fact be an unofficial character class.

"Those affected don't exhibit the same outward warning signs as most teenage anti-social behaviour issues do because they're in their bedrooms most of the time, seemingly out of trouble," he told the Telegraph. "Because of this we can't get through to them in the traditional educational environment or intrude on their actual bedrooms -- we need to turn to the Internet itself to tackle these problems."

However, the issue of game addiction itself has issues as well. The American Medical Association still doesn't consider game addiction to be a legitimate disorder, while other reports -- including a Swedish study claiming that Warcraft is "more addictive than crack cocaine" -- say otherwise.

Graham hopes to launch the project "by the end of the year," and has called on Warcraft maker Blizzard to possibly give therapists free access to the game. He also notes that since most therapists probably aren't Warcraft experts, the project could potentially recruit gamers to act as "peer mentors" and help identify troubled players.

Well such a good idea indeed and perhaps it add up to someone who actually cares more about players than the corporation who runs the game themselves. There were also many reports and actual experiences that most gamers if not all tend to become anti-social if they are so immersed into gaming. There were in fact those who are thinking of adding social causes and advocacies into gaming so that they will not only get focused on the game but still inject a sense of need for social participation.

I hope that therapists be allowed really on gaming so that they can really help those who had been addicted to gaming beyond the usual.

So happy gaming everyone and I hope that you don't need a therapist to tell you that you should not bee too much into gaming.

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