I was very eager to watch Smallville Season 8 specially when I found out that it was Doomsday that he will meet at the end. It was an exciting episode by episode anticipation until the season finale arrives. I braise myself to watch a very good battle between the enemy that is called the slayer of Superman. And then...

(what will follow might not be agreeable to all)

The anticipation and excitement turn to a single jaw drop and question at the end... What the hell happened? The Clark Kent vs Doomsday scenario only lasted for about 3-4 minutes... some says it was only for about 30 seconds. A very unmeaningful battle in which at the end it seems Doomsday was defeated by Clark after Clark used the Earth's gravity to force him down.

Well the element of the crater and the scene of the crime was the same as with the comics and the animated movie but it seems the aftermath was different.

In review which I have checked most of them says that Smallville had gone way too off the grid for the main plot in which it is indebted for. Some also says that it is Tom Welling which is refusing the suggestion that he should have been Superman at least a season earlier but Welling insist that it is not yet time and the caped Superman should appear at least in a season finale.

Others were suggesting that the new Clark which arrived and had proclaimed that Clark is dead might actually be Eradicator, one of the fake superman that appeared when Doomsday slained Superman. The comment further on suggests that it can be a plot twist. Why? Well, he says that, "...since Clark even says to Chloe at the end of the episode that he doesn't know how he got out of the underground chamber, thats because he isnt clark."

Those were great suggestions but upon reading what the creators and writers of Smallville has in store for the show in Season 9 seems to point out to a new direction. Zod is the main enemy with the season themed as "Clarks darkest hour." They say it will show growing love between Louis and Clark and rift between the Green Arrow and then with Chloe. So where is Doomsday?

For now it seems that the idea of Doomsday is a ploy to invite viewers who are fans of this epic story to watch the show. Well, the effect in the end is that we are not happy about what happened.

The proof of that is the shows declining viewership from Rank 115 (5.90 million) in Season 1 to Rank 113 (6.30 million) in Season 2, the series slowly dropped in viewership. By the next season, Smallville was ranked 141 (4.96 million). This last season, Season 8, it has been the lowest for Smallville. It ranked 152 with 3.74 million in viewers.

My rating of Smallville Season 8?

  • STORY: 5 - means the depth of the story and the overall plot.
  • CHARACTERS: 6 - this pertains to the ability of the characters to portray their roles.
  • COHERENCE: 5 - ability of the story to be coherent as the episode progresses.
  • DEPTH: 5- the effectiveness of the story to relay the full plot and to show the story of each character.
  • MUSIC: 6 - effective use of music in the story.
  • VISUAL EFFECTS: 6 - amount and effectiveness of special effects.
  • POPULARITY: 5 - relative popularity of the story/tv series.
  • RECOMMENDATION: 7 - my recommendation
  • TOTAL RATING: 5.63

  • I am an avid fan of Smallville but it seems there is something seriously wrong with the plot of this series.

    Here is a glimpse of Smallville Season 9 via Comic Con 2009. Smallville Season 9 premieres September 25th.

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