Twitter , the bird had been wounded and was taken to the clinic for several hours. People around the world had been very affected and was wondering what happened to Twitter . Based on recent research it was found out that an attack on a lone blogger on Russia apparently created havoc and spread across the globe. Now, I know the reason why my Twitter failed to update since yesterday. So what really happened to our beloved Twitter , the bird?

According to the report:

Twitter crashed because of a denial-of-service attack, in which hackers command scores of computers toward a single site at the same time to prevent legitimate traffic from getting through. The attack was targeted at a blogger who goes by "Cyxymu" — Cyrillic spelling of Sukhumi, a city in the breakaway territory of Abkhazia in Georgia — on several Web sites, including Twitter, Facebook and LiveJournal.

Well perhaps we can say that there seems to be someone who is either mad at this person or want to make the hell out of his life. But the fact is in the computer age an attack on a single person cannot be singled out because it will affect everyone, it is like globalization itself. The web is one global community and everyone that is online and is using something gets affected by a disturbance in that service.

So who was attacked?

Apparently, the cyber name of the person attacked was Cyxymu. Cyxymu also happens to be the name of a town in the Republic of Georgia. His Twitter account is and well I did become a follower of this person who was apparently being silenced by either Russian or Georgian authorities.

The website Net Effect names Cyxymu as the first digital refugee. The site further states...

A refugee from the earlier war in Abkhazia, CYXYMU emerged as one of the most visible and consistent critics of how both the Russian and Georgian governments handled last year’s war in South Ossetia. Blogging in Russian, he has cultivated a relatively large following in both countries, particularly among the users of LiveJournal, one of the most popular blogging platforms in post-Soviet cyberspace. However, in October 2008, somebody got angry at his writings, and his blog—also hosted by LiveJournal—fell victim to a massive wave of cyber attacks, so severe that millions of other LiveJournal blogs became inaccessible for more than an hour. The only way to reduce the damage was temporarily to delete CYXYMU’s account from LiveJournal, which its administrators did. Cyberattacks followed the blogger even after he set up a new blog on, another popular blogging platform (his account was quickly deleted from there as well). DDOS attacks against his new and old URLs continued unabated for more than six months. We should recognize CYXYMU for what he is—a “digital refugee” and a victim of geopolitics playing out in cyberspace, where free speech is possible in theory, but increasingly unavailable in practice.

This could indeed be a sight of cyberwar that might also be things that we can see in the future. As wars are wage on land and in reality there will also be a war going on cyber space. Since the internet practices freedom of information, it is indeed easy to make your voice hears online and elicit followers. The only way to stop this is to attack the user and shut his/her sites down.

Take for example this case. the attack included at least these components:

• DDoS attack against Cyxymu's Twitter account (
• DDoS attack against Cyxymu's Youtube account (
• DDoS attack against Cyxymu's Facebook account (
• DDoS attack against Cyxymu's Livejournal account ( and
• DDoS attack against Cyxymu's Fotki account (
• An e-mail "Joe Job" campaign against Cyxymy

Here's an example of what the Joe Job emails looked like. They were not sent by Cyxymu although they look like it.


So did the attackers succeed? I don't think so. In the end the person they attacked will get more noticed and will get more following.

However, there is another side to this attack. What if Cyxymu is the attacker himself and he did it in order to gain prominence? That is possible, right? He would just put the blame on others and play as the affected party. The result he will be heard, more followers and more hits to his pages. This in the end will make more readers and followers for his cause.

A clever idea indeed... but was his cause relevant? See some pictures below... be wary though for these pictures are graphic in nature...

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