I Had Been Tagged.. Now Join Me on Tagged

Posted by David D'Angelo | 9/05/2009 08:19:00 PM | | 0 comments »

I had been a member of Tagged since November 8, 2006 but I never really went to the social networking site until today. Well I find it hard to really maintain a lot of social networking sites but thanks to and Nash because it really made updating all my profiles easier. So what can I say about Tagged?

Well, first and foremost I am not yet very familiar with this social networking site but one thing I noticed is that there is a premium version to the site. There is also a promo that your first month will only be charges US1.00. One of the bonus on the paid feature is you will be able to see the profile of those who see you. Well for me I will not really pay for the paid version of it.

Well, anyway I did enjoy Tagged but it is very similar to other social networking sites... you can add videos, connect with your friends, play games and more. I still don't like my profile because the blue theme messes with some of the text color. I do not also know if I will be able or will be allowed to change the theme and even the background. I had been searching and after 30-minutes of looking for the way on how to change it, I quit.

I also uploaded some videos, put some information about myself and try the matching game. Well I definitely would include Tagged in my social network sites.

So for those who want to add me on Tagged here is my link

You can also add me on Twitter at

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