Combating My Own Carbon Footprint and Calculating Your Own

Posted by David D'Angelo | 10/17/2009 01:59:00 AM | | 0 comments »

Yesterday more than 40 blogs and bloggers in the Philippines joined the Blog Action Day on Climate Change. Two of my blogs participated, "Newz Around Us" and "Pagod Ka Na Bang Maging si Juan?". Today I calculated my carbon footprint using the calculator below and it turned out that I am a heavy emitter. That's sad for me of course but it is not only me because it is the total footprint considering we are six in the household. My total carbon footprint is 4.19 tonnes of CO2 per year (you can get your footprint by using the calculator below).

This is divided into the following:
  • House  - 0.04 tonnes of CO2
  • Flights  - 0.00 tonnes of CO2
  • Car  - 0.00 tonnes of CO2
  • Motorbike  - 0.00 tonnes of CO2
  • Bus and Rail  - 0.12 tonnes of CO2
  • Secondary  - 4.04 tonnes of CO2

Most of the toll in my carbon emission comes from Secondary Sources which includes food and consumer habits. This includes buying food and other good in plastic, consuming meat and more.

The result also says:
  • Your footprint is 4.19 tonnes per year
  • The average footprint for people in Philippines is 0.97 tonnes
  • The average for the industrial nations is about 11 tonnes
  • The average worldwide carbon footprint is about 4 tonnes
  • The worldwide target to combat climate change is 2 tonnes
For those who want to calculate their own carbon footprint you can use the calculator below...

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