Mr Bean is the Funniest TV Series Ever Made!

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Mr. Bean goes to the swimming pool

I would gladly pronounce and claim that Mr. Bean is probably the funniest TV series and character ever made. Without much talking and says about things his actions, mannerisms and ways pinch the deepest laugh in everyone who had watched his hilarious episodes on television and movie adaptations.

It was due to this that in time Rowan Atkinson decided to relieve himself of the burden of Mr. Bean because people in reality think that he is as dumb as his character is.

Mr Bean Animated Series

The animated adaptation however although still funny failed to capture the realistic emotion and hangups of the TV series. Atkinson was also a theater actor and a stand-up comedian whose talent was simply superb and amazing.

I first watched Mr. Bean in 1993 when the phenomenon was not yet worldwide and he was not even known in the Philippines. By early 2000, Mr. Bean had been a household name and his movies was a hit around the world.

Mr Bean / Christmas Turkey

There were in fact no new episodes for the TV series but even though what was being played was a repeat over and over of the episodes they never fail to amaze those who are watching.

Rowan Atkinson - LEGEND!

Mr. Bean is surely a phenomenon which will stay for quite a long time.

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