MOVIE REVIEW PATIENT X:The latest movie of Richard Gutierrez, PATIENT X is a sure Halloween treat for everyone. His performance together with Christine Reyes and Richard's brother made the movie terrifying and worth considering for International release. It is Rated R-13 that is why I was not able to watch the movie with my son but upon watching I presume that it definitely should be rated that way because of blood and gore. Although by my standards it is still way below films like Final Destination and SAW.

The story tells the tale of a survivor from a family massacred by the famous Philippine, "Aswang." Lucas, played by Richard then received a message that the killer of his family was captured. The hospital in which the patient is in made emergency evacuation after creatures began attacking the hospital.

  • STORY: 10 - means the depth of the story and the overall plot.
  • CHARACTERS: 10 - this pertains to the ability of the characters to portray their roles.
  • COHERENCE: 10 - ability of the story to be coherent as the episode progresses.
  • DEPTH: 10 - the effectiveness of the story to relay the full plot and to show the story of each character.
  • MUSIC: 10 - effective use of music in the story.
  • VISUAL EFFECTS: 10 - amount and effectiveness of special effects.
  • POPULARITY: 10 - relative popularity of the story/tv series.
  • RECOMMENDATION: 10 - my recommendation
  • TOTAL RATING: 10.00
Definitely this is another movie on the "Best Movies" section of this blog. The plot and performance was superb as well as the music and the suspense. You will surely jump off your seats while watching this movie.

This is Richard's first producer role as well and I can say that he made one hell of a great movie specially that it is directed by Yam Laranas who is also behind the critically acclaimed, "Sigaw" which has now a Hollywood remake entitled, "The Echo."

The ending of the movie is also an open ended ending which gives us some hint that it might have a sequel depending on the local and international reception of the movie.

PATIENT X Official Trailer

Patient X is Directed & Cinematography by YAM LARANAS Edited by CHUCK GUTIERREZ Original Music by NANI NAGUIT Sound Design by MIKE IDIOMA 28 October 2009 VOYAGE STUDIOS

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