Smallville Season 9 has just aired two episodes already and it seems that it is gaining momentum once again. However the viewership of the second episode is still below the overall Season 9 Nielsen ranking of 152 with 3.74 million viewers.

Episode 1 rakes only 2.54 million viewers, the lowest ever in the Smallville series. However CW said that it outperform any previous show on the CW in the Friday 8:00 pm time slot, in a year.

Episode 2 viewership rose to 3.14 million perhaps because of the regain of interest on the new storyline and characters in Season 9. Yet, it remains to be seen whether the trend will continue.

Here is a summary of the first two episodes as posted in Wikipedia:

Smallville Season 9, Episode 1: "Savior" (September 25, 2009)

Lois returns from the future with no memory of the three weeks she is missing. Meanwhile, Clark has been training with Jor-El, while also branding his family crest around Metropolis after saving someone. After saving Lois, Clark's feelings for her cause a disruption in his training and he realizes that the only way to finish is if he tells Lois goodbye. Dr. Emil Hamilton and Chloe begin working together in the Watchtower. Released from the black orb, Major Zod's soldiers initially turn on him when he fails to provide answers as to why none of them have the true powers of a Kryptonian like they should. Eventually, Zod regains their trust. A Kryptonian woman from the future returns with Lois in the hope of finding Clark and killing him. When the two meet, the assassin accidentally kills herself, but not before revealing that Clark will cause the destruction of Earth. Just as she is falling asleep, Lois has sporadic visions of future events.

Smallville Season 9, Episode 2: "Metallo" (October 2, 2009)

Daily Planet reporter John Corbon (Brian Austin Green) is hit by a truck while trying to ascertain the Blur's identity. When he wakes up, John discovers that his body has been outfitted with robotic parts, and his heart replaced with a piece of kryptonite that acts as a power source for his body. Tess later discovers that Zod and his men were the ones who "helped" John, but only as a means to test a new way for them to get their powers. While helping the Blur, Lois is kidnapped by John as a means of drawing the Blur out. Clark arrives and fuses a lead plate to John's chest, with his heat vision, to protection himself from the kryptonite. When John pulls the plate off it removes the kryptonite and shuts down John's vitals. Clark and Chloe realize that Tess is after Lois's memories, so it is decided that Clark must return to society so that he can keep Tess from learning that he will be the cause of Earth's destruction.

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