It was triggered with the excitement for a presidential candidate that I can finally vouch to be incorruptible and I am campaigning not for myself but for the future of my children. I have various groups in Facebook and then to let them know about it, I posted a message to the group. Now knowing though is the fact that all of these postings will be shared to all of my members.

The result was multiple sharing and of course an alert from Facebook saying that I am abusing the service. Well, I am ignorant because I don't know that sharing on a group in Facebook will also share that same post to all. Maybe I should edit my settings.

Another weird thing is I cannot also send email from my Yahoo Account probably because Facebook uses my yahoo mail to also send messages and notifications. Thus, the result is too many messages being sent to too many people.

Of course that will alert their system for a potential spammer and attacker of sorts but the thing is it is not.

Lesson learned is that in this age of information technology there are still limits and you should know those limits. You might be fighting the right advocacy but sometimes ignorance can cause annoyance.

Well for those who had been annoyed by the multiple sharing I am really very sorry because with all honesty I do not know that it will be like that... just wanted to let people know that they have a choice.

Happy Facebooking and DO ADD ME.

It was a fun and worthwhile learning experience for the day.

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