With the recent decision of the Supreme Court of the Philippines in favor of infomercials with a vote of 8-7 we will see more political ads on our television screen from now till election day.

Here are some of the political ads which had already aired on television.  Some have already changed their candidacy, some have withdrawn and some are definitely running.  Does these ads reflect what they will do in offcice?  What do you think?

The very famous Mar Roxas political ad which dominated air waves until he decided to support Noynoy and run as Vice President

Another Mar Roxas political ad

Ganito Kami sa Makati Ad of Mayor Jejomar Binay

Akala Mo (Manny Villar)

Bayani Fernando Ad: Ang Batas ay solusyon

Of course who can forget the longest and most studded political advertisement of them all, the Noynoy Aquino "Hindi Ka Nag-iisa TV Commercial" which many says is excellent in production and direction but lacks substance.

Gibo Teodoro Galing at Talino

Before Chiz Escudero decided not to run for President in 2010 he also aired infomercial or political ads with Bayang Barrios' Bagong Umaga.

Senator Loren Legarda who is now running as Vice President of Manny Villar also has an infomercial which carries the slogan "Pagbabago".

Lastly, before Ronnie Puno was junk as the vice presidential standard bearer of Lakas CMD he exhausted and bombarded our television with this ad:

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  1. freight // November 27, 2009 at 9:55 AM

    Senator legarda's Ad is old she has 4 new ones that aired these past 2 months please do research so will have an equal overview of all the ads. that way we can react better

  2. Shen // November 27, 2009 at 10:09 AM

    This is onlyu an overview of the ads. We will do a summary of all the political ads individually in our next round. I canm' also find her ad on YouTube that is why I posted the old one :)