I was reading Nina Terol's "Why We Need The Joker… and 4 Other Political Lessons I Learned from The Dark Knight" which is in fact is a real assessment of how politics in most part of the world is including the Philippines.

What touch me the most however is her learning from Harvey Dent, "The solution is to empower everyone to be the source of the solution. " It seems to be a positive reinforcement of things when I seem to be getting lazy at that.

Gotham’s fearless, charismatic new district attorney is the ultimate tragedy of human potential. He starts out as everyone’s hero, Gotham’s “White Knight” who has come to save the day—except that when he collides with the dark forces we find that his foundation was too weak to stand against the very forces that ultimately subsumed him. This is what happens when we depend on one person to be our Messiah. People are people—even in this age of celebrities, icons, and “modern-day heroes”—and they will slip, or slide, or sink (sometimes very, very low). When we pin all our hopes on just one person (or one entity, or one ideal), the results can be tragic. The solution is to empower everyone to be the source of the solution. (Which, ironically, is what The Joker attempted to do in the hospital and ferry scenes—regardless of his twisted definition of the “solution”.)

This only says that the real solution to our country's problems is not any candidate but WE... TAYONG LAHAT ANG MAGBABAGO NG PILIPINAS. It is thus important that a leader recognizes this and that he has strong foundation in order to resist any temptation to fall to the dark fits of our society.

Nina further says,

The Joker is the film’s “inverted social conscience,” the dreaded, deadly disease that makes society work together to find a cure. It is he who asks the hard questions, he who challenges the taken-for-granted assumptions, he that pushes humanity to see how low they would really sink—or how far they could really rise. He is the ultimate “necessary evil” that forces us to see just what we’re really made of. A composite of everything that is wrong, perverse, and twisted in our society, it is he who nonetheless shows us our true potentials for greatness.

Indeed in tdays situation in our country there are not one but many Joker's who continuously reminds us of the social ills that we have to solve. Like the people of Gotham it seems most of us are already apathetic about it or we have chose the easiest and most popular solution to solve our problems.

We still rely on one person to lead us and most of the time the popular person who as our past experiences tell us always fails to deliver a majority of what we wanted. In our society when most of us seems to have accepted the reality and culture of corruption the more these demons play and toyed us. They hand out bread crumbs in order to please us so that we will not squeak and fight them or turn against them.

As a people we have never united yet for something in more than 67 years since World War II. The first time we united as a people was during our battle against the Spaniards then we united once again against the Japanese colonizers. Both of those battle as contrast with the EDSA People Powers are forged by the will to build something new... something better.

In the past 23 years we have united very abruptly to take down something and install someone... not something... not an institution but someone. When our roles our done we retired to our own comfort zone... we observed and then when it is not going right we criticize.

Who are we to criticize if we have not helped nor have we done something to contribute. We must realize that in order for change to work and for someone to be effective we must get out of our comfort zone and do all that we can to realize a dream.

The greatest battle to win in our country if we want to see change is the battle between ourselves and how we see the situation. If we will continue to just sit and go with the flow then we will still be in the same situation over and over again.

Try to look at the whole picture. Try to see the deeper side of things and not just the cover of a book. The cover might be very beautiful but the inside may already have so much torn pages.

In the 2010 elections we should see that in most cases Joker is supporting Harvey Dent for Joker knows that if Dent wins he can continue his schemes on Gotham.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Nina Terol-Zialcita // December 28, 2009 at 1:09 PM

    This is a GREAT reply, Dave! Thanks for your generous and kind words about my entry and for your equally astute observations. With your permission, I hope to repost this in my blog and social networks and also send this to some egroups via email? May I? :D

    Let's keep blogging, let's keep CHANGEMAKING!!!

    ~ Nines

  2. Shen // December 28, 2009 at 1:11 PM

    Sure Nines... that would be an honor :)