Bollywood Aladin (2009 Film)

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Going home from Nueva Ecija I managed to watch via the bus onboard DVD a Bollywood version of Aladin. It was set in a modern setting with the story of Genius, Aladins Genie against the Ring Master which wants to control Magic and catch the comet to have unlimited powers.

In this story Aladin is someone that does not believe in genies and will not use magic in his life nor to lure his love one, Jasmine. Aladin is a school boy whose father died years ago after the Ringmaster tried to get the lamp for himself.

Set in modern India with some musical twist this one is definitely a good watch.

Aladdin Bollywood Movie Trailer

  • STORY: 10 - The story was a new exploration into the world of Aladin does it makes you really interested on finding out what will happen.
  • CHARACTERS: 10 - The characters were not only good actors but also good dancers and singers.
  • - Great story with proper transition.
  • DEPTH: 8
  • - It explores a new image of Aladin and a new story of the magic lamp. This is a story which was never before explored. It added a twist and good musical arrangement to the story.
  • MUSIC: 9 - Great music and choreography.
  • VISUAL EFFECTS: 8 - Very simple visual effects.
  • RECOMMENDATION: 10 - my recommendation
  • TOTAL RATING: 8.88

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  2. David D'Angelo // December 28, 2009 at 10:14 AM

    You already posted this in another blog and this comment is off topic here.