Nobody, Nobody But Juan

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Who say's Dolphy has run out of jokes and luster? If you think that's true then think again. His latest movie, "Nobody, Nobody but Juan" delivers yet again another fun filled recipe added with some emotional parts which will make you laugh and cry.

This is Dolphy's official entry to the 35th Metro Manila Film Festival and was produced by RVQ Productions.

It seems to be a reunion movie for Dolphy and his children. Among the Dolphy children the movie included Vandolph, Eric Quizon and Epie Quizon. It also star Eddie Garcia and Gloria Romero together with Pokwang and Eugene Domingo.


The story is about a father who lives in a nursing home and neglected by his son. He also wants to reconnect with his friends from the past which was separated because of the Japanese war. Dolphy who plays the character of Juan is someone who longs for love and loves to watch WoWoWee.

  • STORY: 8 - The story is good and I am sure everyone can relate except for the over played WoWoWee. This seems to be an attempt to once again redeem the show from the rage the people felt when Willie Revillame insulted the funeral of Former President Cory Aquino.
  • CHARACTERS: 9 - The characters were played very well considering that most of them are really great actors and actresses.
  • DEPTH: 8
  • MUSIC: 5 - This movie practically uses the music and songs of WoWoWee which prevents any original music to be included.
  • VISUAL EFFECTS: 4 - The only visual effects was the bombing of the Metropolitan Theatre and the Toad transformation of Pokwang near the end.
  • RECOMMENDATION: 9 - my recommendation
  • TOTAL RATING: 8.57

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  1. AJ // January 4, 2010 at 2:40 PM

    I agree. People payed to watch Wowowee. I don't think the concept portrays the real present standing of our country.