Raising A Father: A Book Which I Am Touched Already

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Even before reading the book, "Raising A Father," I was already touched by it. Knowing that my relationship with my wife did not work out and my kids are practically separated from each other, I carry the same question, "Will I really know them as they grew up or will I never truly know them?"

While making this post, I can't help to really think of my life and the way things are. Did I made the right decisions? Perhaps, Raising a Father and the stories of its author would really be great tools to help me decide on things.

Raising a Father tells the story of how a young daughter uses her charm, her love, and her caring nature to train her dad to become a better father and a better person. Through a brutal awakening in 2001, Arjun Sen realized he did not know his daughter. He promptly quit his highly successful career in the corporate world, started a home based company, and has spent the last eight years building his relationship with his daughter. This heartwarming and witty memoir will bring tears and laughs as it evokes your own cherished family memories.

This book will definitely make us realize the true value of family and the true meaning of having kids. I myself for example was frequently seen as someone who always laugh and smiles but little did people know that deep inside my heart I have a battle within me in a daily basis of how to be with my kids and how to let them know each day that I love them.

Our children are the greatest treasure this world could offer and nothing can replace that. We, as their parents should be hold responsible for whatever basic values they would hold in their life. Our kids might be affected by the environment on how they grow but one thing is for sure how we nurture them as they grew will be there always.

Raising a Father Book Trailer- What takes 3.7 seconds - Arjun Sen

This book is a must read for anyone who is already a father, for those would be fathers and for those who had a father. It will definitely give us a glimpse about the life and trials of being a father.

I will definitely buy this.

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