I used to call Smart Bro, "Smart Broken". When it comes to Sun, I used to tell a joke that the reason their signal is bad during evenings is because they rely on the sun for their signal. Now here comes Globe's 3G service problems posted by momblogger in her blog "Techie Gadgets."

It might not be a speed problem but a billing problem which also complicates the problem and brings it into a deeper level and maybe conclude that telecommunication companies in our country does not give us good quality service.

It was discussed a few months ago in the senate by Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile how he lost his cellular phone load due to unknown reasons and this was backed up by other users saying they were charged inadvertently by the Telcos.

Despite the hearings and everything it seems the Telcos are unchallenged by this public outrage over their services. Could you imagine that in a usual PLDT contract they do not guarantee the quality of their service. How come that they would not guarantee it, they are suppose to make sure that they deliver their service with utmost quality.

Then when you call their customer service they will give the usual rhetoric reply and when you emailed them or used their help desk they would for sure make you feel that you are the one at fault.

So how do we improve these Telco's services? Class suit? Well let's find that out.

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