I greatly agree with the comment of National Artist Eddie Romero that the criteria for the best picture in the Metro Manila Film Fest should be renewed and revisited.

The criteria should consider more the quality of the film instead of its box office sales and performance. Gaining sales in the movie theaters is not a guarantee of a film's quality.

Moreover, a film that was awarded Best Picture would eventually gain sales since people would be interested to know why it was awarded as best picture.

Romero is the director of the critically acclaimed 1976 film “Ganito Kami Noon, Paano Kayo Ngayon?"

“It's like rewarding [the film] for making money. Ang feeling ko diyan kung best picture huwag ng pag-usapan ang box office (My feeling is that if it is best picture let is no longer talk about box office),” said Romero, who used to be among the MMFF jurors.

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