Here is a good read from "New Pinoy Politics" on the tips for anyone who would apply and get hired as a paid political blogger for any political candidate.

The best propaganda for any politician is one that doesn’t look and sound like propaganda. This is very difficult to explain in a few sentences, so I won’t. Just take it to mean that you ought to be subtle about campaigning for a candidate.

Using your own blog for a politician is not adviseable. If you aren’t into political blogging and you use your own blog to pump out political news about a particular candidate, your readers will wonder what the fuck is up and view what you are writing as propaganda. After that happens, you may lose a number of readers and friends, and maybe even gain enemies.

The only way you can swing this is if you can find a way to fully disclose that you are in fact campaigning for a particular candidate in a manner that is not only acceptable but may also gain you added readership.

Moreover, you better make sure that the candidate you are blogging for is someone you really believe ought to be elected. If you blog about a candidate just to earn money, it will show and if you’re the kind who listens to their conscience, you will hate yourself for it.

Using a new blog for a campaign sucks. If you start up a new blog to pump out the propaganda of politicians, it may not attract readers at all or it may take a long time to get readership even with the best SEO. However, the campaign can resort to paying for ads on Google or Facebook in order to get readership.

And lastly, if you are doing as a job, you better make sure you get paid.

Here is the original article entitled, "Philippine politicians now hiring bloggers and managers for facebook and twitter"

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