What is NEW POLITICS? How does funding get generated in NEW POLITICS?

In NEW POLITICS, our campaign is owned by the people and not by the candidate alone, thus everyone is a stakeholder. If everyone is a stakeholder then everyone must contribute and help our candidate since in reality if our candidate wins WE ALSO WIN.

Funds should not only come from the candidate and the party but also from our individual members and supporters. We are investing in the future of our country. When we become real investors in our country we will surely get the profit out of it.

In traditional politics commonly we are paid by the candidates and all funds come from them. Through this we are technically “employed” by them and are not real stakeholders nor participants in genuine change for our country. We should not be employees only because if we are employees we are not important in these candidates government and we have no voice after they win. Why? The answer is simple, because they have paid for our services.

Politics should not be a business. The way we can change this country and make sure that candidates will do what they say they will do. We can do it if we take business out of politics. Let us claim our share and let us make them accountable for what they pledge and promise. How can we do that? We can only do that if we are part of his government. We can do that if we have invested in his campaign.

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