Lost Returns Feb. 2 with Season 6 (Video Trailer)

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The story of Flight 815 continues on February 15. The story of Lost Season 6 continues the journey of Ben and Locke where Ben kills Jacob.

This time there were no previews and it seems no spoilers as well.

If there is one thing revealed it seems that we will be seeing the cast of Lost from Season 1 to 5 making an appearance in this season.

LOST - Season 6 - February 2010

This is also final season of the American serial drama television series. The last episode will most likely air in late May 2010.

Season six is the first and only season of Lost ever to not feature any kind of preview or official promotional material such as sneak peeks and promo pictures for future episodes since the Lost producers considers any single frame from the first episodes to be too revealing.

According to Lindelof, "even a single scene from the show would basically tip what it is we're doing this year, and what it is we're doing this year is different than what we've done in other years".

As far as ratings is concerned viewership of Lost in the United States has steadily declined throughout the season. In its debut Season lost had a vieweship of 15.69 million and ranked #15. It's Season 3 was the highest at rank #14.

The previous Season only got 11.05 million viewers at #28. Worldwide however Lost is still at the top 5 most viewed TV Series.

Come February 2, 2010 am sure we will all be glued to the first 2 episodes of Lost Season 6.

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