Nicanor Perlas seems to be snobbed on purpose by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) and the Makati Business Club (MBC). It seems the businessmen are not interested with the platforms of those who are not showing good ratings in the surveys.

However think again, these surveys are not giving the real information. We had valid reports that the survey are being conducted in a shameful passion and deliberately excluding other candidates in the process.

Back to the issue of the PCCI and the MBC. If we would recall the Cebu Chamber of Commerce about two weeks ago deliberately excluded Perlas from their forum and now by reliable information this was also the same case with PCCI and MBC.

Somebody told us that despite attempts from the Perla's camp to connect with the Makati Business Club the officers of MBC said that the members of their organization are not so keen and interested in hearing what Nicanor Perlas has to say.

The PCCI on the other hand never sent an invitation.

Personally, voting for someone should be decided on merits and on an analysis of someone's platform and track record and not just based on who pairs well at the surveys.

It is sad that business people are turning their heads away at Perlas despite the fact that his platform involves creating a better business climate in the Philippines.

Perla's basic principle and platform revolves around a strengthened partnership between government (politics), business (economy) and civil society (culture) in order to create a better country. Through this partnership everyone will be involved and empowered in "real" governance by the people.

I hope that the business community gives a chance and hears out Nicanor Perlas regarding his views and platforms. I am sure that his economic agenda will be one the business community can appreciate very well.

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