The Dangers of a Gordon Presidency

Posted by David D'Angelo | 3/19/2010 12:26:00 AM | | 0 comments »

I am not someone who usually campaigns against a candidate but instead I would like to make constructive criticisms on some of the current candidates of the Philippine Elections this 2010.

Richard Gordon's answers in GMA 7's Kandidato reveals many dangers which the country might face if he becomes President.

What are these dangers?

1. NO TERM LIMITS FOR LOCAL OFFICIALS. Gordon is in favor of limitless local officials. This will allow these officials to be re-elected indefinitely. Gordon's reason for this is that money and time is being spent considerably during elections. Gordon is missing the real solution which is making the elections cheaper and available to everyone and not only the elite few.

2. 100% FOREIGN OWNERSHIP. Gordon is in favor of 100% foreign ownership in commercial corporations. Although this is good for the economy it is bad for our patrimony and job security. We should ensure that Filipinos should always have a share in businesses within our country.

3. THE SUBIC BLUEPRINT. The Subic and Onlongapo blueprint is a blueprint of industrialization with a very small regard for the environment and even for "real" welfare. Although Gordon says he made the Aetas, the protectors of the environment in Subic, he missed the point that the environment are more than just forests.

4. GORDON IS PRO-POLITICAL DYNASTY. Gordon does not see political dynasties as a problem. He reiterates that everyone should have an equal share including those who are family members of elected officials. The truth is if everyone should have an equal share then political dynasty should not be allowed.

5. THE RED CROSS EXPERIENCE. Reports from the field says that Dick Gordon always make sure that in every positive news about the Red Cross and in every important event the media will be able to cover and highlight him.

Dick Gordon is someone I admire in terms of political will and honesty. Although his honesty makes me think if he will indeed be a good president.

Just sharing my personal opinion.

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