Movie Review: Working Girls 2010

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I have watched the first movie of the Working Girls and I would say that its seem to be 2010 sequel is also good. Although I have to admit that if it was not for Eugene Domingo it would be a different story.

Working Girls 2010 popularity was largely due top Eugene Domingo's antics and comedy delivery. Her facial expression and capability to really make the audience laugh was really commendable.

The brand of kakikayan and stupidity played by the role of Ruffa Gutierrez was old school already. The usual love story conflict played by Iza Calzado was also very usual. Thus when a Eugene Domingo was added it spell the major difference.

Working Girls is a movie which showcases the life of seven girls which is working in order to fulfill their own dreams.

Eugene Domingo plays Paula, the owner of an online "fake" bag store who is facing the battle of either retaining her lazy husband or have an affair with her driver, Ricky Davao.

Ruffa Gutierrez plays Marilou, a recent widower of an old man but was left with almost nothing.

Cristine Reyes plays Wendy, a girl which wants to have a better life and be a socialite. He ends up in the bed of various men.

Jennylyn Mercado plays Ada, a single mom who was left by her boyfriend. He has to do work and take care of her child.

Iza Calzado plays Theresa, a dedicated nurse who for 7 years worked in a local hospital but is now planning to work abroad.

Bianca King plays Dara, a newly graduate student of broadcast communication and want to start a career in the local broadcast media industry.

Eula Valdez plays Dr. Cleo, a beauty surgeon which gives buttocks, face lift and more. She is in danger of loosing her career because of a women's rights group.

  • STORY: 8
  • DEPTH: 6
  • MUSIC: 8
  • TOTAL RATING: 8.14

A highly recommended comedy movie to watch. It is for the whole family.

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