I guess I could not do away with people asking me on why did I resign from the campaign of Nick Perlas and eventually as both National Coordinator and Spokesperson for him. Thus, I am writing this as an answer to those who would ask.

First of all my resignation was nothing personal against Nick Perlas. In fact, I have no intention of resigning but somebody assumed it already.  For me Nick Perlas is still the most qualified candidate to be the next President of the Philippines and he will always be my first choice for the presidency. However, certain things made me decide to resign.

The main reason why I joined the campaign of Nick Perlas is not because I am an avid fan of Nick Perlas but because he has a vision for new politics and a new Philippines. Because of those reason I believe that he walks his talk and that everything would eventually be according to this principles.

The second reason was because of PANGMASA or Partido ng Marangal na Sambayanan. With PANGMASA a long term solution to traditional party and politics would be in place beyond Nick Perlas. Win or lose it would be a victory for new politics and the Filipino people.

The third reason is like Perlas, I believe in collectivism and in genuine consultation with the people. Thus, I believe that people should have a major part in governance.

However, as we go along the rigors of the campaign there are fundamental differences that had arisen. Let me just point out some major differences I had...

1. The apparent lack of consultation of Perlas decision to ask for a postponement of election for 3 months. This was not a PANGMASA decision but the sole decision of Nick Perlas. PANGMASA, as well as volunteers and supporters were apparently caught off guard. Though personally I share his sentiments and views decisions like this should have been consulted.

2. The lose of role of PANGMASA in the campaign. As the campaign progresses it seems that PANGMASA had not been given equal share of role and visibility in this campaign nor was it mentioned in majority of his interviews.

3. The last that I could mention thus far is a personal incident I have with Nick which personally I could not really take in as a person. Being part of the campaign from the very start and having to do many tasks in order to carry a descent campaign and then being said, "Immature and Shallow" was definitely below the belt.

These are just some of the reasons that I prefer to say publicly. Again I maintain my stand that Nick Perlas is still the most qualified candidate and definitely my first choice however due to personal incidents and consideration I do not think I can continue with the campaign and moreover vote for him.

I would like to apologize to everyone in the campaign for this decision but with all honesty and sincerity I believe this is the right decision I have to take.

This is not a decision I made as PANGMASA nor as a member of the party but as an individual person.

I hope that we can all move forward and work collectively on the goal of bringing to life new politics and a new Philippines.

Be Proud for we are Maharlika!

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  1. Mysterious Person // April 25, 2010 at 5:39 PM

    Hi! David, I really believe that Nicanor Perlas is the BEST CHOICE to be the next President. You won your battle over those stupid in the government. Follow what your heart is saying. Consult yourself. Ingat!

  2. Lorjan Mansueto // April 25, 2010 at 5:43 PM

    Hi! Dave you are the one who make an energy in the campaign with your decision I hope you made yourself clear that after helping Nick you never regret anything. Volunteers and Supporters of Nick works hard for a better Philippines. Thanks!