After Lost Finale, Glee is Next?

Posted by David D'Angelo | 5/25/2010 06:49:00 PM | , , , , | 0 comments »

We are bow on the middle of the Lost Season 6 Finale and perhaps later today I will make my review of the Lost Ending. We have watched many US TV series in the course of the year and it even serves as a bonding time for me and Mei. As Lost ends we have still quite some titles to finish watching.

We have stopped watching both Smallville and Heroes. We might watch Smallville Season 9 again but since the frustration over Doomsday, we really have exhausted the thrill to watch it. Well, there are some positive reviews about Smallville Season 9 so we might continue watching it.

On the other hand, the Heroes TV series had become a monotonous storytelling which seems to revolve around the same boring plot. We do not know if we will have the irk to watch it again.

So far besides Lost we are also watching FlashForward Season 1. We have decided to watch it after we heard that it is being cancelled. Based on what we saw so far I think it is a great series though I would admit there are more conversation that exciting events happening in the story.

We are thinking now of watching Gree. Glee is a TV series which focuses on an American school Glee CLub, their trials and success and the love life within the club. The series features great song and well it's kind of a good series. If ever this will be the first series since Beverly Hills 90210 that I will watch which belows to the "romantic" and "teen" genre.

So still off to Lost... FlashForward... and then Glee with some Smallville intermissions.

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