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The Day the Philippine Pearls Stood Still (May 5, 2010)

Time is ticking fast. We are fast approaching "The Day The Philippine Pearls Stood Still". We are on the verge of breaking down as a nation. But we still have ample time, it is not yet over till it's over. As New Politics clashes with Traditional Politics on the campaign, we the Pearls of New Politics have made a firm stand until the end. The clash between Titans "TraPos" shows that we could wage a nationwide campaign. We have made a good fight. We showed them that ordinary men did this.
Ordinary citizens of this country who have an ambition of taking down Dirty Traditional Politics and bringing a new hope for the country, a new vision for the future, we are the heroes of this new generation! We may thought we are only one on this Vision but because of Perlas we have seen that we are many sharing his vision, he shows that as ordinary men we could also become extraordinary individuals with our simple acts that simply makes a difference. A teacher once asked me, what is a hero to you? I answered her Everyone is a hero in his own desire to do good. A hero is not only a man of his words but also a man of his actions. A hero makes sacrifices for the sake of others. Altruism. A word I learned while studying ecology. Is the word I could relate with heroism. Heroism is done even by the most simplest acts. Disposing or Recycling our garbage properly, planting trees, donating a blood, educating a child, telling the truth or even by voting wisely on the coming elections. Voting within our conscience. Voting for what could benefit others other than ourselves. Voting is not only a power. It is also our responsibility as citizens of this land. Now we have to make a choice. The choice that will make our Motherland proud! This Mothers Day we need not only honor our Mothers but also this Nation our Motherland. We owe her a lot. We need to pay respect and honor to her on this coming election day. Philippines is a mother to us all. Fight for Her!!!

On May 10, 2010 (5/10/10) - Sure we can complain about a lot of aspects of Traditional Politics of this country (mostly negative ones), but on that day >>(5/10/10) somebody is gonna have to make a stand against it. Someday, somebody's gonna have to say ENOUGH!! May 10, 2010 is that day!!! On that same day, I stand together with Nick Perlas and the people who believed in the Vision of a New Politics, A new Philippines will be born. My vote >>> number 7 for President of the New Philippines!! Mabuhay ang Bagong Pulitika! Mabuhay ang bagong Pilipinas!

Lets go out and Vote for New Politics in the New Philippines that will break that TraPo Habit of Filipinos!

Thanks to Perseus (Sam Worthington)/ Clash of the Titans (2010) for that inspirational quote on Standing up for what we really believe in.

-Hermz Gacho

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