Giant Chessboard at SM City Manila

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One time when I visited SM City Manila a scenariocaught my attention immediately, two men were playing chess. They were not playing chess on an ordinary chessboard but rather on a lifesize chessboard were the pieces are as tall as them.

Both of the men seemed very serious in playing their game. It took a lot of time to think since a lifesize chessboard prevents you from really getting the overall look of the gameboard and the game. In this board you are like emerge with the chess pieces thus you become one of them and the visibility of the opponent is limited.

SM Manila is located near Manila City Hall and LRT Central Station.

It took each player two hands to move the piece from one place to another and an average of 3-5 minutes to think of one move. What is interesting however is the thought that since this game emerge you with the chess pieces it can at some point make you a better chessplayer. It gives you the training of having to decide on the moves more on cricial analysis rather than an eagle's eye perspective.

Chess is one of the best games to play if you want to stimulate your mind. It is also a game where your skills on planning, strategy and tactics will be tested and will be enhanced.

As a parent myself I am advising parents to really make it a possibility for their children to learn chess and play the game with them. By elarning chess analytical and critical thinking of the child will be developed. This skill is very critical if we want our children to be emotionally stable and if we want them to be able to solve problems intelligently and with ease.

It seems that the whole SM Holdings will be installing giant chessboards in all SM Malls. So when you do get a chance to visit an SM City mall near you find the time to watch, play and experience the gian and lifesize chess game.

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  1. Rajah Counterpart // March 25, 2016 at 9:36 AM

    How much is the price for the big chess pieces. Ihave already the chess board. A 12 inches tile.