John Lennon's Imagine: Is It Possible?

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Every time I heard John Lennon's song I was struck by its message. Is it possible that all the cost of our war, fighting and bickering are because of things which makes us different and establishes a raging identity that competes with others?

What if we for once and stop and consider the message of John Lennon's song, "Imagine."

Imagine Live - John Lennon - 1972

Imagine if there is no country. If there is none then there is nothing to live or die for. There would be no reason for war and supremacy.

Imagine if there is no religion, no heaver or hell then possibly there would be no religious food. People will not try to outwit each other and people would really live for today at peace.

Imagine if there is no possession and the people share everything to each other. There would be no hunger and the world will all the world.

I think this is Utopian but I believe that John Lennon has a big clear point in his song. These things makes us so different that it made us enemies of one another. There is no peace because every country wants to have its way. In each of that country there is no peace as well because every politician wants to have his/her way.

Look at the Philippines after the elections people are still fighting and throwing mud at each other. Look at Thailand and how many people died and buildings destroyed. Look at Somalia and Africa and how many young children, women and innocent lives perish because of senseless fight for supremacy.

Could we change to become more similar than each other? Could we change to become a collective world?

It would be hard and for sure it would be a dream but am sure that John Lennon is not the only one for I am one with him.

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