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It was a bit confusing at first and indeed writing it before even watching the finale was a big mistake. I would say that I did understand the Lost Finale and what did happened. Not all of the characters died but indeed some of them survives. The some of those in the Lost Ending did get out of the island, survived and died.

Lost incorporated in Lost Season 6 was called flash sideways. This story telling brings about a story not of the future and not of the past but of something else. The story we are all seeing was a story in a world known spiritually as "Purgatory."

Purgatory is defined as the condition or process of purification or temporary punishment in which the souls of those who died are being made ready to embrace the light or heaven. In medieval Christian literature purgatory is conceived as a geographically situated place which perhaps in this series is true.

All the people we see in the flash sideways are already dead and those that in the end embraced the light are already at peace.

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We would also make it clear that indeed Kate, Capt. Frank Lapidus, Sawyer, Miles and Richard Alpert was able to left the island and they survived. In that lifetime they meet death the natural way. However question remains as to what happened to Capt. Lapidus and Richard Alpert since they were not shows in the flash sideways. Did Richard Alpert became a normal person or did he continue to be immortal?

Among the other survivors of Lost were Walt which managed to escape the island together with Michael as well as Aaron, Claire's son and of course the child of Jin and Sun. What did happen to them?

During the final battle between Jack and the Smoke Monster the island was thought to be destroyed but Jack saved it and Hurley became its new protector while Benjamin became his number 2. Desmond also survived in the island. What happened to them after the island was restored?

Though it was clear as to what the ending is what was not clear was the origin and purpose of the island? What is the connection of the bright light between heaven, hell and purgatory? Why is it so important to protect the island? These connections were never established until the end.

If we will read the ending there is a big chance that a new storyline will still come out and we will see the return of the island. Some of the key characters that would be seen if that would be done are Hurley, Benjamin, Desmond, Kate, Sawyer, Capt. Lapidus and Miles. The story might also include the three lovely kids, Michael, Aaron and Jin and Sun's daughter.

I do not think that Lost and the island is really over yet... we will be seeing some of them again soon. Remember my word and mark this article.

Anyway I would spare the usual ratings and just give Lost a perfect 10. It's sounds are great and really very touching. The depth of the story reaches the core and is one of the best shows ever in terms of suspense, intellectual depth and originality. The characters did really very well and they have improved throughout the season.

I am sure most of us will be missing Lost but again remember that Lost Finale is not yet what it seems.

For those who were not able to watch the Lost Ending here are the Lost Season 6 2-hour Finale:



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