Lost Season 6: So Far So Good

Posted by David D'Angelo | 5/02/2010 03:54:00 AM | | 0 comments »

Just finished watching Lost Season 6 Episode 5 entitled Sundown and all I can say is the story had been great so far.

The mystery is really deep and your mind will be kept on thinking and drawing plots as each event unfolds. It seems the highland has many more secrets to reveal.

Sundown is the start of a new era in the island where the mysterious smoke taking form of John Locke takes control of Said and Claire and walk with new recruits seemingly to form a new pack in the island. It also seems that the creature is unhappy to see Kate.

I am still wondering why Jacob keeps on appearing and what is it he wanted done by Harley and Dr, Shephard?

I would be expecting more mysteries to come and some of them would definitely be resolved soon.

Anyway for those who have not yet watch Lost, I would tell you that this is definitely a great series.

Season 6 will be the final season of Lost and everything would be revealed... hopefully that is.

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