Movie Review: Clash of the Titans

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Clash of the Titans is one of the classical films that was resurrected with great success as a 2D film. I say as a 2D film because many of those who have watched the 3D version of Clash of the Titans were disappointed.

Clash of the Titans was the epic battle of Perseus, a demigod or half god and half human against the wrath of Zeus manipulated by Hades.

The story revolves around the time when man was so sick and tired of worshiping the Gods and they decided that it was the end of it. They destroy Zeus monuments and did not make any prayers to them. In order to show Zeus wrath he born a baby to the wife of a human warrior who once led the rebellion.

Hades seeing the opportunity manipulated Zeus and convinced him to release the monster that killed the Titans before. Persius then had to embark on a journey so that this monster will be stopped and humanity saved.

It was indeed a great movie, effects were great, the storyline was exciting and it is a movie that should never be missed. I would like to thank a friend who had given me a free ticket pass to the movie. It was indeed a good movie after all.

Thanks dear friend, Mr. Lorjan Mansueto for treating me to this movie, it was unexpected but it was fun and the movie was great.

Here is my rating for Clash of the Titans:
  • STORY: 10
  • DEPTH: 9
  • MUSIC:10

Here is the full movie trailer of Clash of the Titans:

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