Every election we keep hearing people say "VOTE WISELY!", "VOTE WISELY FOR PRESIDENT!" I am quite curious as to who this Wisely is and why can't he win any elections?

There are rumors which says that the COMELEC is always disqualifying him because he cannot launch a nationwide campaign.

A reliable source says that Wisely cannot even afford to go to the COMELEC because he has no money to pay for his fare.

I am quite sure that if the COMELEC allows Wisely to run, he will win because he is the most popular candidate since we had an election.

Come to think of it I don't even know if he is a he or a she. Perhaps this Wisely is a member of the LGBT community.

So I call on the COMELEC to let Wisely run next elections and for every Filipino to support him.


Well the truth is it seems we really need to think about our every vote and choice each election so that the true sense of the sentence, "Vote Wisely!" will be realized.

Let us support whoever wins this elections. Thanks!

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  1. manoliita // May 10, 2010 at 11:30 AM

    It will be a long while before election results reflect collective wisdom in this country. Political discernment requires information and analysis. Unfortunately, after elections, interest in politics hibernates and only wakes up in the next election season. We have a lot of political education to do during the gap. In other countries, there are polls not only on acceptance levels but on specific policies and policy actions. Perhaps, this can be an option. but for sure there are numerous other creative ways.