In the face of all that is happening I am being hounded by a barrage of people asking me, "What's happening to your candidate?" Most of them are disappointed and the fact is I am also being affected by it. During the course of the Nick Perlas campaign I had been a spokesperson of Partido ng Marangal na Sambayanan (PANGMASA) and the National Campaign Coordinator. In the course of all the campaign I had helped this would probably the worst experience that I had.

The platform advocated by Nick Perlas is the best platform, his background and accomplishments weigh greater than all his opponents but for me his hardheadedness and own decisions was the cause of his defeat in this electoral process.

I admire his advocacy in trying to find and bring to light the anomalies of the past election but I fear that it might be used by those who wanted to stay in power. I always remain with my view that he should have first conceded and accepted his lost in this election then call on the people to iron out and bring to justice all the anomalies and irregularities of the just concluded 2010 automated elections.

So why did such a candidate lost in the election? Why did Nick Perlas lost?

For me the problem with funds and providing monetary support to the campaign team is one of the major issues. There was a big trust problem among those handling the team. In all the discussions about providing fund the main question was, "Sino ba ang mga ito?". The process was long and tedious as if you are trying to defend a thesis. In the end funds are not delivered to those who could have help the campaign.

Second, most of the campaign strategies did not materialize as the team got so focused on the online campaign particularly in Facebook. There was very few actual grassroots campaign.

Third, materials were not delivered on time to its intended audience and materials which should have provide visibility was deemed inappropriate. Thus there were very few posters, tarpaulin and even the stickers were produced very late in the campaign.

Fourth, funds were used for non-campaign necessary events. Most of the events fail to excite people and even gather them together. These events incur costs but failed to convert the necessary votes.

Fifth, the core team become over positive and missed critical analysis of the campaign. Whenever I said something negative I was brushed off as someone that is generating negative energy. The numbers was exaggerated by the millions.

Sixth, Perlas had confined himself to just the caravan-type campaign, waving at people and shaking hands while riding the pick-up. Most of the time he gets irritated when we told him to stop by the market and shakes hand with people.

Seventh, I would agree that there is too much TRAPO culture still in our society and the electorate is not yet ready for someone like Nicanor Perlas.

Perhaps what strikes me most was his statement that a party is not needed for his campaign and for the electoral process. When he said that PANGMASA is not his party and he is running independent that made the difference in me. The truth is I was a spokesperson not for a party but for an individual.

I still voted for Nick Perlas on election day because I see no other alternative. However, now I am really not seeing the logic of how things are unfolding. In what Nick Perlas is doing now PANGMASA had never been consulted nor was there even a PANGMASA.

I told the team that I never resigned as Spokesperson for PANGMASA but since the day he told me to go home because I am "shallow" and "immature" I had not even heard him ask me why did I feel that day nor did he even called me or talked to me really with the aim of trying to mend things out.

I am not discrediting Nick Perlas he is indeed more than qualified to become the president of this country.... but to become president you must have the heart to really be sensitive and talk to people. You should be open to suggestions, criticisms and opinions. A team with no argument and no difference in opinion is a bad team.

The real reason why Nick Perlas lost is because majority of Filipinos do not know who is Nick Perlas and the reason why not many NGOs did support him is because perhaps they had their personal encounter such as what happened to me.

There are irregularities in this election and I fear that the cohorts of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo might use this in order to discredit the elections for their own personal gain. We should unite and see to it that the GMA regime ends and that in the new government we will really be creating the New Philippines.

I am no longer a member of Partido ng Marangal na Sambayanan (PANGMASA) nor am I a fan or supporter of Nick Perlas but one thing I learned from this campaign is that a candidate will never be perfect so when we vote our vote should be more than just the candidate himself.

Another lesson for me is our attitude when election ends. We should start a culture of honesty and acceptance. If we lost then we accept it. If there are irregularities we do it according to a process that will not undermine our country and our people. We already have too much quarrels and grand standing in this country... what we need now is someone which can unite us to work together as one people under one great country.

The time for us working together should START NOW! We are losing the opportunity to uplift our people and reach a bright future.

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  1. Sophia // June 2, 2010 at 7:32 PM

    I think both of you should talk to resolve the issue. Ask him the real reason why he didn't concede. He knows what he's talking and he knows what he's doing. I guess Mr. Perlas wants to have a reassurance that the May 10 Election made a fair and accurate results. Besides, hearing the news, you can really tell that something was really wrong during election.

  2. bing // June 7, 2010 at 7:48 PM

    in a country such as the Philippines, the likes of mr nicanor perlas will not win. look at what happened to mr jovito salonga when he ran, without the full machinery and funds. he lost. the Philippines is not ready for them.

  3. David D'Angelo // June 8, 2010 at 5:47 PM

    The issue here is not just about not conceding but things that could have been made to boost the campaign. I still think that good people can win using the right strategy.