Now blogging would be easier as Google introduces "Blog This!" Te feature let's you blog about the current website you are browsing with just the click of a button in your browser. Also, upon clicking your blogger will be populated and the posts highlighted will be copied and you are ready for editing. Cool right?

When you add a BlogThis! button to the browser toolbar, the button will let you post to your Blogger blog from any webpage with just one click. Once installed, blogging will be made easier at the click of the "B" button. Upon editing of the pre-populated blog post you can then post it instantly to your blog.

Well I definitely would love to try it since one of my hassles when blogging is trying to copy and paste articles, then read them and write a new article based on it.

So are you ready to have an easier blogging? If yes then CLICK HERE AND START INSTALLING "BLOG THIS!"

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