Movie Review: Shrek Forever After

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I hope that fans of Shrek will not get mad at me as I write this review about the movie. Mei and I manage to watch "Shrek Forever After" at SM City Baliwag Cinemas last May 29. We had been given free movie pass for a bloggers event the next day. So I would say thanks to SM City Baliwag before I do start the review.

And now, on to the review. Despite the fun, excitement and lots of twist for Shrek Forever After, this installment of Shrek is the only movie in the series which I did fell asleep while watching. I had a hard time being awake during the first part of the movie. The fact is, the first part is boring and sleepy.

The only part where it gets exciting is when Shrek finally catch up with Donkey, Push and then Fiona. Donkey's character is again very charming and funny, as well as Push of course. Push who had been fat is really cute. Despite the fact that he needs exercise, his eyes remains the most adorable eye in Far Far Away.

Those eyes was what made Donkey agree to lick and remove the wetness from Push's furs after they drop off in a river. Well, sounds yucky to me and also to Donkey.

The whole lesson from Shrek Forever After is that in life we cannot get all that we want and for sure there are times tat life would seem boring and monotonous but despite all of these we should remember to be thankful for what we have. We will never know how important people are until we lose them.

Here is my rating for Shrek Forever After:
  • STORY: 4
  • DEPTH: 5
  • MUSIC:3
The music of Shrek Forever After sucks! There is no original song this time and the choice of music was really a hard push. They could have been more original. I also do not like the way the plot progresses because it seems to shallow and lacks a little bit more creativity.

Sorry Shrek fans, this movie does not impress me! However, if there is something to look forward to the makers of Shrek may have leaked a possibility that they are thinking about a movie for Puss entitled "Puss in Boots". The movie by the way is already in the making and to be released next year..

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